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ki·va - n. - An underground or partly underground chamber in a Pueblo village. [Hopi kíva.] - Some 46 years ago my family made a trip to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, home of the Anasazi Indians. It started a lifelong love of all Tribal Nations. I have written Ebooks, articles, and CBT/WBT software on the Hopi/Zuni tribes. Now I live in the Yavapai/Apache area of Arizona, taking their documentation online including sections for youth & cultural groups. BLOG focus: Native American.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Native American Pageantry

A friend of mine (a client as well, since 2003 when I built his Web site) sent some very good info about Native American roots in his family. Enjoy :-)


Hi Leanne,

Being a descendent of several Indian tribes from my past ancestry, My heart has been with the American natives. This one of the reasons I love what you have put together on the Goldscope web site.

These great people have been treated as illiterates. They loved nature and had the ability to live and survive with nature with out destroying Gods gifts. Go..... you won't go wrong working with them and helping them. My Great Aunt Lola went to the reservation and helped sew and clothe the children.

My granddaughter Jessica is one quarter Indian not counting the blood from our family. Her Father was a half. Every year Jessica and her Husband Zach, participate in the Green River Rendezvous Pageant here in Sublette County. You guessed it - she's an Indian.

Every year Jessica and her Husband Zach, participate in the Green River Rendezvous Pageant here in Sublette County

We wish you the best year you have ever had.



And subsequently, William wrote:

The Pageant my granddaughter was in, was one of thirteen pageants from all over the world aired on the Discovery Channel. I have painted a few pictures of the American Natives and I have considered them to be the real Royalty of America.


William, I utterly agree. I have Cherokee in my family history. But it wasn't until 5 years ago, when I began WaybillToAdventure.com as the online site for my father's 35 year old publishing house, and in miles of research, that my blood began to pound over the fact that the history books we studied from as children - DO NOT tell the real story. And for the most part, our children still study the same LACKING information. Sadly, this is true for more of the ethnic races than just the American Natives. It is a goal of mine to begin to really tell the stories, and hopefully much of it will come from personal stories of those who lived at the knees and listened to the tales from the real storytellers - their parents or grandparents who lived the reality of some of these time periods.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Beginning the Blog... Hello!

Welcome to my Blog! My Kiva is destined to talk about any and all-things Native American. I am Anglo, but with Cherokee in the background :-)

Here in North Central Arizona, it is the land of two tribes, the Yavapai and the Apache, who came together as one tribe somewhere in 1930. Please do visit the official YAN site, at:


(click here to visit the YAN seal page - a fascinating history)

I just started this Blog tonight, and was running through some of the recommended sites. My first click took me here: Under Aged RVers. So I played with the tool for posting something, as this Blog set my heart and memories churning! I was born and raised in Colorado, and because of my Dad's passion for all-things GOLD in Colorado, we tromped those hills more than I'd like to remember. I've hiked the Maroon Bells. These photos are wonderful. Go take a look!

I am an online publisher, with a site that is over 5 years old now - an Eon in Internet years! If you are interested in topics like Westward movement, hidden treasure, Gold era of Colorado or other states, ghost towns, metal detecting, coins, collectibles... please do check out my primary Web site, Waybill To Adventure. Thanks for visiting!

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